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Finally. Someone has put together the newbies as being remakes of the oldies. And Marley was SO Kurt. Or Chris. Sad that she turned out to be talented, adorable, and popular, with two guys fighting over her, but we all thought she was boring, and too nice. The bulemia was tough, but egged on by an evil friend. She was pretty, and had great hair, though. The fact that the guy she really loved cheated on her, because she wasn’t ready, and was sorry and tried to get her back, but she refused, says something. She also got a lot of support from another guy, her boyfriend’s best friend at school, who wanted to be with her, too. But that did not happen either. In the end, she took her writing talent, and decided to make it on her own. These two were so much alike. Except that Marley actually got some lead parts at McKinley.

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"Got into the habit of wearing some kind of jacket for the first two songs of the set. It was a good entrance look, but a terrible circulation idea - it would get so hot I would essentially have to peel it off my body. But hey, it looked cool." (xxxxxx)

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