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Anonymous asked: I'm on the fence when it comes to CC on the one hand I see everything you see the heart eyes, invading each other's spaces, and overall weirdness that surrounds them. However, on the other hand it just seems so unlikely that this pr circus is some type of cover up. Darren is like a C list actor. I imagine a cover up of this magnitude for a Dicaprio. I love D but let's be real he's not going to blow up as an actor. Glee will be his biggest accomplishment. There is no need for a coverup.


I completely disagree actually. Look I personally think that the whole covering up issue comes from FOX - they didn’t want Darren to come out and I don’t know if you seen the comments made about the treatment of gay American idol contestants and tbh if they can keep AI contestants in the closer while they’re on the show they can keep Darren in too.

If Darren is a C list celebrity, with no real future, then why is the PRESIDENT of Clear Channel, (850 pop music radio stations strong), the sponsor of IHEARTRadio in Vegas, all over him? Why is he RIGHT BEHIND USHER in all these videos and GIFS, in the VIP section, filming AND BACKING RIGHT UP TO Mr. Clear Channel himself? Why is the guy who made Usher a star by continuously playing his music on all his stations, in constant rotation, KISSING DARREN ON
HIS CURLS? And why does it look like Darren kisses another, shorter guy (like AB or Rocker Rick or some dude I can’t ID) in other gifs from that same series on Usher? Why is Darren courted by all the fashion moguls, most of them gay or powerful cougar women like Anna Wintour, the gay mafia of Broadway and Hollyweird? Why do Zadan and Meron, two old Broadway gays decades older than Darren, call him their dear sweet boy and are already talking about getting him back onto Broadway with Chord Overstreet? And no, Darren may not blow up as an actor. He doesn’t need to. He will blow up like a Timberlake, an Usher, become a celebrity. Timberlake can’t act, either, but he has tried. Both guys closeted. Darren is already being tied to Usher. I predict a duet on his album, and joint appearances. Maybe Darren would open for Usher. And the folks at Fox still have Glee syndication, and ads to sell for that on Oxygen. Darren has a contract for that album with Sony/Columbia, the Glee music producers. Look, I’m not judging Darren, he’s got it, he can flaunt it, be Pippin while he’s young and gorgeous, work it for the big bucks. He is still tremendously talented as a musician and singer-songwriter, even a composer. He is a passible actor, and he has incredible charisma and sex appeal for both sexes. ALL his assets are HIS, to use as HE sees fit, no judgement on that, he’s a consenting adult. The only crusades I have are routinely closeting someone in order to make them appear as though they have a girlfriend, and concerns about their “free will” in living such a life.

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Anonymous asked: i didn't think it'd be long - joey's tweeting about mmr ugh


Lol it’s expected. Don’t watch the video. Save your ears.

She probably has a lot of dirt on him. Plus, he just wants to help Dare. He knows Dare’s fan base will take a hit. He’s trying to offset the damage from CC shippers and M haters by pumping up Starkids.